Maureen Dean: Marriage, Net Worth, Bio, and Family

Before reading more about Maureen Dean, you should know whether she is alive or not because many people ask this question. The answer is yes; she is still alive. Maureen is a blockbuster and well-known for her Blind Ambition. To know Maureen Dean’s Age, grab your attention on the same page for more information.


She was born on 10th October 1945. Her birth place is Los Angeles. Maureen Dean is working as a stockbroker and co-authored the book “Washington Wives” with a ghostwriter. She married John dean, and she is now 77 years old. There is a lot of information on other websites, but there is no such information in the articles you are reading this article; you will know real facts about her life that you do not know. She is well known an author and wrote many books and novels. Her well-known novel is Washington View. 

Maureen Dean has been married to John Dean for 50 years. John Dean played a role in leading to the conviction of several cabinet members. He spent four months in jail and was banned from the state of Virginia and Columbia. she also wrote a nonfiction book, A view of Watergate.

Maureen Dean’s Net Worth

Maureen Dean's Net Worth

Maureen Dean’s net worth has steadily increased over the past few years. Most of his income comes from being a good writer. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Maureen Dean is a freelance writer and business owner who has grown her wealth over the years. Her husband is also worth several million dollars, so their combined income is more.

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The Bitter Reality of Maureen Dean’s Life

She was married three times. She was married to George Owen from 1967 to 1967. That marriage was canceled. After the cancelation, Maureen married Michael William Biner. This marriage was not stable; after a year, Michel William Biner Died. Then she married John Dean. Both are living happy life.

Who is John dean? In the below description, you can read.

John Dean is a former U.S. attorney who served as White House Counsel to U.S. President Richard Nixon from July 1970 to April 1973. Dean is known for his role in the Watergate cover-up and his testimony before Congress. In exchange for testifying as a key to the prosecution, he pleaded guilty to one of the crimes. Eventually, he had a reduced sentence, serving at Fort Holabird near Baltimore, Maryland. After he pleaded, he was excommunicated.

Maureen Dean Children 

She has no children from John Dean, but in the past, she had a son from Ann Henning. The main reason for her popularity was the Watergate scandal, and former president Richard Nixon dismissed her husband. In that case, people were looking for Maureen Dean. If you want to know more, keep an eye on the same page.

She is a writer. Not only a writer but also a producer. She married John Dean. They love to tell their story together, and now someone else is telling it for them. The lovely Betty Gilpin played Maureen Dean in the 1970s. Dan Stevens plays her husband in the series. Gilpin was born 14 years after the Watergate scandal, but he plays the character over everything.

Important Facts About Maureen Dean’s Life

Important Facts About Maureen Dean's Life

She is well known up to now. She was famous in the past; read more to know about her life on the same page. Furthermore, she was a young actress. This ’80s doll can not only star in the famous series with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, but she can also play a real person – a real person who is still alive. Talk about bullying.

It’s not a role most actresses want to take on. It takes a lot of courage to bring a real character to life, but if a real person is still alive, it takes an extremely brave person to try. Suppose you are not satisfied with this information. Then you have to follow the below link.


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